About us

 KUNZHONG ELECTRONIC CO.,LTDis a professional computer, communication and consumer electronic connector manufacturer. we develop,manufacture and sell memory card connecter ,server conector ,waterproot connector,HDMI and I/Oconnectors.

We have an excellent R&D team,advanced facilities and test equipments. We insist on the highest quality control for all of our production procedures. In addition,in order to provide our best servide to customers,we are establish mold company.

Currently ,our customers  include many international well-known 3C companies,such as,SAMSUNG,LG,AiPS,AMPHENOL.ETC..

In kunzhong ,we create a great environment,good benefits,with organized and complete training programs for our employees to be willing to work with us.Our main goal is to mark our employees proud of working in kunzhong.

We are striving to provide you with stable and high-quality products,fast delivery,and competitive prices. We provide connector solutions to shorten  product development leadtime and create win-win profits with our customers.